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Shakedown for Murder Ed Lacy

Shakedown for Murder

Ed Lacy

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Matt Lund hadnt really intended to get involved in a murder investigation. Although with the New York police department, hed never been more than a beat cop and now, at age fifty-eight, he was a cell block attendant. He was on vacation and visiting his son for a week, then a week with his daughter and her family, then two blessed weeks of rest back at home.But on arrival in End Harbor, the small town was abuzz about the death of the only doctor, killed in an car accident. His vehicle had hit a tree at seventy miles an hour and thrown him from the car. As he lay unconscious in the road, a hit-and-run driver had killed him.Intent the next day on fishing with his ten year old grandson, the boy wanted to see the car. But the young officer was an officious little twit and the exuberant child was bragging about his grandfather being a cop, so Matt flashed his badge and, really, began showing off for the boy and the young cop.But he noticed something immediately that told him it was no accident. The doctor couldnt have been thrown from the car. The steering wheel was driven into the seat from the impact. Also, the door locks hadnt been sprung. The only way that could have happened was if the door was open on impact.The police chief was reluctant to call it anything but an accident. Maybe the doctor was driving with the door open.Matt didnt really want to get into it any further. He was on vacation after all.When an arrest is made later that day and his daughter-in-law, both the suspect and she are of Greek descent, wants him to look into it more, he reluctantly visits the police chief once again. He learns exactly where he stands when he casually mentions the Greek connection with his daughter-in-law and the chief says, You let your son marry a Greek!The police chief declared it an open-and-shut case when all the evidence they had was a neighbor of the Greek hearing loud voices when the doc came by for a house call. It was known the docs hearing was bad and he had a not to good hearing aid. The police had to know it wouldnt hold up in court, but didnt seem inclined to do any more investigations.Matt decides to poke around on his own.SHAKEDOWN FOR MURDER was my first novel by Ed Lacy. After reading a nice profile by Ed Lynskey and learning what an interesting man the author was, Ill be seeking out more.