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Uncovering Tiffanys Secret Shame J. OBrien

Uncovering Tiffanys Secret Shame

J. OBrien

Published October 3rd 2014
Kindle Edition
31 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Amanda had no intention of participating when she is dragged to a large reunion for family and friends. Though determined to sit the weekend out, Amanda is intrigued after meeting a beautiful yet quiet girl she knew when they were little. As her memories begin to come back, she realizes that Tiffany just disappeared from her life never to be seen again, until now.When Amanda discovers Tiffany’s massive secret what follows is a story of true love and lustful passion. Follow Amanda and Tiffany as they throw off their bonds to family and pledge themselves to each other in every way possible!Will these beautiful young girls be able to escape together and indulge their carnal passions? At nearly 10,000 words, Uncovering Tiffany’s Secret Shame is a fiery and sexually charged tale true shemale love and passion!