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The Deans List Edward Bruce

The Deans List

Edward Bruce

Published August 27th 2001
Kindle Edition
364 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Deception, deceit, extortion, high tech espionage, and violence.If these things were preceded by the phrase the answer is on the game show Jeopardy, you wouldnt expect the question to be things found at a college. But that actually is the case at Seward, a college that is part of a new breed of institutions of higher education called proprietary colleges that are actually profit making business ventures. The Deans List chronicles a takeover battle involving an agressive conglomerate, Tribax, and Seward, a succesful proprietary college. The struggle divides the college and is characterized by underhanded dealings, black mail, and violence. The main character of the book, Joe Hammond, who is the Dean of Admissions at this fictitious college, struggles to the fight the good fight against the takeover while dealing with personal issues involving an affair with a young girl and the break-up of his marriage. The Deans List is packed with twists and turns as well as a surprise ending. A great read from start to finsh.